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Welcome to Hazmatter

Screenshot: Palm handheld running Hazmatter software.Everything You Need to Know about Hazardous Materials in the Palm of Your Hand

Hazmatter - The Essential HazMat Database for your Handheld Device

Emergency Responders face dangerous situations every day. Knowing how to operate safely and take the necessary precautions is crucial. Hazmatter, the complete reference to hazardous materials, will help you prepare for safely handling hazardous materials in any situation.

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What are your colleagues saying about Hazmatter?

"4 stars! I found this to be a quick, accurate reference source for looking up chemical information. The alternative is to carry around the approved carriage list, which is not always possible. Although the U.S. system of response markings is different to the U.K. system, the procedures are virtually identical and of course the classifications, chemical names and UN numbers are the same."

Steve Colwill, United Kingdom

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